Asian Hornet

Asian Hornet invasion

Categories: Environment, Reporting problems

The Animal & Plant Health Agency (APHA) has asked for the following public warning and information to be distributed to all local parishes and communities.

It is of special relevance to fruit and arable farmers.

The Asian Hornet outbreak has been in England since 2016, but has now seen increasing rates of sightings within Kent since 2023 with their population doubling year on year, despite a 95% death rate. These cause devastation to British Bees, destroy crops and fruit for farming and are more likely to cause dangerous side effects for people if stung than our native wasps.

Asian Hornet – quick identification card

Asian Hornet – detailed identification poster

Asian Hornet – nest identification poster

Asian Hornet – information sheet

Asian Hornet – reporting (link to Ashford Borough Council’s website)

Kent Resilience Forum – Asian Hornet information (external website)