What are we doing
Chilham Square
Check out our what we are doing page to find out what we are doing to improve pedestrian safety and parking in the Square
  Chilham Parish Council (CPC) has set up the following teams to address local issues.  
  Planning Team: This team reviews all planning applications received from Ashford Borough Council and makes recommendations to the full council on how it should comment based upon the planning policy adopted in August 2014, ie:-  
  1) CPC has no powers with regard to planning applications, it therefore can only act as a consultee  
  2) CPC is consulted on planning matters for the sole purpose of providing a parish-wide view  
  3) CPC expects other consultees (eg neighbours) to voice their own views directly to Ashford Borough Council  
  4) CPC will take into consideration any views of neighbours and other parishioners brought to its attention  
  5) CPC will take into consideration the Chilham Village Design Statement to ensure the application conforms with this  
  6) CPC will respond with a balanced view (ie the view it would expect a reasonable parishioner presented with the same information to hold)  
  Reference is made to the guidelines in the Parish Design Statement produced in 2004 following full consultation involving every household in the parish. It was formally adopted by Ashford Borough Council as Supplementary Planning Guidance. It contains details of the history and development of the parish, its qualities and its character and other useful information for developers. Any property owner in the parish planning improvements or alterations is strongly encouraged to consult this document and the design guidelines it contains.  
  The 1995 Parish Appraisal is another source of information for planning decisions.  
  Roads and Transport Team: This team is responsible for liaising with Kent Highways on major highways issues affecting the parish. Current issues include traffic volumes around Bagham Junction, Road Safety (particularly on the A252 Maidstone Road) and Rat Runs.  
This page only provides detail of the main committees and sub-committees. See the full list for details of other committees, sub-comittees and representatives.
Open Forums
If you want to bring an issue to the attention of the parish council you can contact the clerk to request an open forum prior to the next council meeting
Lawful Development Certificates and Planning Applications
Applications for a lawful development certificate require ABC to consider the legal position and do not require consultation with parish councils or neighbours (they are not planning applications).
Examples would be determining whether conditions have been met so that 1) a change of use would be permitted, or 2) whether a development would be permitted.
Parish councils and neighbours are consulted when a planning application is submitted and in considering these applications the parish council takes neighbours comments into account when submitting its comments.
Chilham Square
We have produced a short paper Enhancing Chilham Square - the story so far to explain the background, current status and key issues affecting the initiative to enhance the square and its environs up until February 2010.
Chilhams Future Delivery Board has been set up by the parish council with responsibility for delivering a longer term solution. For more information check their website.
Hedges and Verges
We are concerned about overgrown hedges on health and safety grounds - they can scratch cars, force pedestrians into the road and cause accidents.
We are working with local landowners to overcome problems and can escalate to Kent Highways if no action is taken.
If you need advice on how to maintain your hedge our hedge trimming tips could be a good place to start,
WhatsOn Listing
We have built a WhatsOn listing for events for the parish. If you have an event and would like it included please contact the clerk.
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