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  In June 2013, Ashford Borough Council (ABC) wrote to landowners and developers requesting to be notified of any land available for development. A number of sites were submitted in the parish of Chilham. At that stage, ABC had not made any assessment of the information received. ABC wanted communities to be fully engaged in this assessment process and had been in discussion with the parish council to determine a suitable method of local consultation.  
  The parish council wanted to keep as many people as possible informed regarding its consultation within the parish of Chilham.  
  It used this page to provide relevant information regarding the consultation so that it could collect comments and concerns so they could be included in the parish councils response to the site submissions.  
  You can find out more about the sites submitted in the parish of Chilham via the ABC website using the following link:  
  Sites in Downs North Ward - ie. Chilham, Molash and Godmersham  
  LATEST NEWS: 23 parishioners attend workshop facilitated by officers from ABC  
  23 parishioners attended a workshop on 11th February in Chilham village hall hosted by the parish council and facilitated by officers from Ashford Borough Council (ABC) to consider the 3 sites shortlisted sites in the parish of Chilham.  
  ABC have provided an outcome statement summarising the conclusions drawn from the workshop.  
  These conclusions will supplement the outcome from last years questionnaires which was strongly against housing development on these sites, and will be included in the remaining assessments to be carried out by ABC before it finalises its Local Plan to 2030.  
  LATEST NEWS: ABC to run workshop on the 3 sites that have been shortlisted.  
  CPC have accepted the ABC offer to facilitate a workshop on the 3 shortlisted sites in the village of Chilham. Chilham Village Hall has been booked from 7pm to 10pm on Wednesday 11th February 2015 and those parishioners who volunteered to attend a workshop on this matter at the meeting in St Marys Church on 7th May 2014 have been invited to attend.  
  LATEST NEWS: Parish Council requests further consultation on the 3 sites that have been shortlisted.  
  ABC has written a letter to the parish council advising that 3 of the original 10 sites have been shortlisted with the qualification “However, these 'shortlisted' sites are not proposed to be a definitive list of Local Plan site allocations at this stage. The final list of proposed site allocations to be included in the new Local Plan will not be determined until 2015 as we still have a number of assessments to apply to the remaining sites.”
  The 3 sites shortlisted were DN2-Land at Harvest House, Branch Road; DN12-Land between Bagham Lane and Felborough Close; DN13-Land between Bagham Road, Arden Grange & recreation ground.
In response, the parish council advised ABC that it requests further public consultation on the shortlisted sites and would take up the offer made after the consultation in the summer to run workshops.
  LATEST NEWS: Parish Council reviews questionnaires and agrees outcome statement to send to ABC  
  161 questionnaires were returned and these were analysed at an extraordinary meeting held on 22nd July. A paper setting out the findings from the questionnaires and recommending an outcome statement was considered at the parish council meeting held on 4th August and approved.  
  In summary, the outcome was strongly against housing development on eight of the ten sites submitted. This outcome, supported by the background and analysis set out in the paper, was notified to ABC on behalf of the community together with a recommendation that it is recognised when the local authority constructs its draft plan.  
  The following link provides more information.  
  Paper approved by the parish council including background, analysis and full outcome statement  
  LATEST NEWS: Parishioners attend Open Exhibition and complete questionnaires  
  Well over 100 parishioners attended an open exhibition organised by Chilham Parish Council in Chilham Village Hall between 3pm and 8pm on Tuesday 15th July at which officers from Ashford Borough Council (ABC) provided site details and maps and answered questions regarding the 10 sites submitted for development in the parish.
It is important to note that at this stage ABC has neither assessed any of these sites, nor made any decisions about them. This will form part of the next stage in the process.
The exhibition had been advertised via a letter and questionnaire distributed throughout the parish. Attendees were invited to complete the questionnaires so that they could inform the parish council of their views on each of the sites. Parishioners who could not attend where able to leave their completed questionnaires in a collection box at Chilham Post Office.
The parish council will now process the estimated 200 to 300 questionnaires returned and agree an outcome statement to be sent to ABC on behalf of the parish.
  LATEST NEWS: Parish Council to hold Open Exhibition to inform parishioners regarding site submissions  
  The parish council advised ABC officers of the outcome of the open meeting and the response regarding restricted workshops.
However ABC officers confirmed there were insufficient resources available to carry out the request at this time. They recommended that CPC proceeds with an Open Exhibition and that ABC could facilitate a workshop of up to 45 parishioners in the autumn once the number of sites had been assessed.
As a result the parish council decided :-
1) to book Chilham Village Hall for an Open Exhibition from 3pm to 8pm on Tuesday 15th July.
2) to arrange a parish wide leaflet drop confirming the Open Exhibition.
3) that the leaflet should include a questionnaire for all the sites currently listed.
4) that the offer of a workshop in the autumn is publicised in the August edition of Parish News, website and noticeboards.
5) that a covering letter should accompany the questionnaire.
6) that cllrs should contact the 45 parishioners who put their names forward for a workshop.
7) that CPC should ask ABC for another open exhibition and a workshop once the number of sites in the parish had been assessed by ABC.
8) that the Communications team should agree the covering letter and questionnaire by end Monday 23 June in order that the leaflet can be ready for distribution as early as possible before the end of June.
  The following links provide more information.  
  Covering letter distributed to invite parishioners  
  Leaflet distributed to invite parishioners  
  LATEST NEWS: Parish Council holds Open Meeting to explain its consultation plan  
  Over 100 people attended the Open Meeting on 7th May in St Mary's Church at which parish cllrs Alistair Ralph, Derrick Kennett and Helen Tharp presented the parish council plan for a local consultation on the sites submitted to Ashford Borough Council (ABC) for consideration as it develops its Local Plan to 2030 for the borough.  
  The following links provide more information.  
  Leaflet distributed to invite parishioners  
  ABC briefing note read by Derrick Kennett  
  CPC briefing note read by Helen Tharp  
  There were 9 sites submitted in the parish with an estimated potential to develop between 80 and 120 dwellings. It is important to note that at this stage ABC has not assessed any of these sites or made any decisions about them.  
  45 people put their name forward to attend a workshop facilitated by ABC officers to discuss general planning issues and the sites that have been promoted.  
  However, ABC officers had suggested that a maximum limit of 39 attendees should be imposed in order that the workshop could be managed successfully.  
  The parish council asked the meeting to consider whether a workshop restricted to 39 people was acceptable.  
  The overwhelming response was that the meeting wanted unrestricted workshops.  
  The parish council therefore needed to go back to ABC with this response and reconsider its plan for the consultation.  
  The workshop originally proposed for 22nd May was cancelled.  
Ashford Borough Council (ABC) has reviewed its Core Strategy which sets out the strategic planning framework for development within the Borough. The Core Strategy was replaced by a new Local Plan which set out the critical issues facing the Borough as well as the development needs for housing, employment, community facilities and infrastructure over the plan period to 2030.
The Site Submission process was one of the first stages of this review.
More details regarding this new local plan can be found on the ABC website at the following link.
ABC Local Plan to 2030
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