Chilham Parish Council - Parish Question Time - 2018
Chilham Square
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  In March 2018, the parish council invited parishioners to complete its Parish Question Time 2018 questionnaire, either by returning the questionnaire delivered to all households, or online.  
  In order to increase the response rate from last year, this year's questionnaire was limited to 10 simple questions about life in the Parish. Your responses will directly influence the Parish Council's new Conservation Area Management Plan (CAMP), which we have commissioned in order to strengthen our role in the Planning process. We know that Planning and Development are of strong interest and concern to local people, so it was important that as many residents engage in this process as possible.  
  All parishioners were encouraged to attend the exhibition to present the new CAMP which was held in Chilham Village Hall between 630pm and 8pm on Thursday 10th May.  
  We increased the number of drop-off points for completed questionnaires, which included Old Wives Lees Village Hall letter box and Bramley Cottage, Soleshill Road, Shottenden as well as Chilham Post Office and Chilham Shop.  
  The deadline for completing the questionaire was 7th April 2018.  
  The questionnaire was distributed to 760 households with 87 replies (over 10% is generally considered to be a good response for this type of survey).  
  A summary of the returns was published in the May edition of PC Tips ( click here to view ) and reviewed at the May and June council meetings. The June council paper contains a detailed analysis comparing the responses from each of the 3 villages in the parish ( click here to view ).  
  This analysis will form the basis of a consultation report to be produced later in the year when the Conservation Area Management Plan has been published.  
Parish Question Time Leaflet
This leaflet will be distributed to all households in the parish and spare copies were available at Chilham Post Office and Chilham Shop. It can be viewed by clicking here.
Conservation Area Management Plans
Parish Question Time 2017 noted that "the Parish Design Statement has been described by borough council planning officers as well produced, succinct and relevant to their decision making but in need of an update to avoid any challenge of being out of date" and the questionnaire returns indicated a majority in agreement with the proposal that "the parish council should spend up to 7.5k updating the Parish Design Statement".
Ashford Borough Council have also commented that commissioning a Conservation Area Management Plan (CAMP) would be an appropriate way of achieving this.
CAMPs are the key tool for fulfilling the a local auithority's duties under the 1990 Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act to review the conservation area and its boundaries and formulate and publish proposals for the preservation and enhancement of the area.
The Chilham CAMP will include the following elements as a minimum:-
(a) Historic development (map regression, stories and photographs);
(b) Landscape;
(c) Settlement pattern;
(d) Building design; and
(e) Opportunities for improvement.
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